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Why do dogs like to eat feces?

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Why do dogs like to eat feces?

Many people feel particularly disgusted when they see dogs eating feces, but for dogs, this is also a way of self-protection in nature.Dogs disposing of their own feces can prevent other animals from attacking them through the smell of feces. The smell of them attacks them. However, the owner still has a headache for dogs to eat feces. Here is a brief introduction to the reasons and improvement methods for dogs to eat feces!

Reasons why dogs eat feces

1.Animal nature

Anyone who has raised puppies and kittens knows that newborn animals do not urinate themselves. They must rely on their mothers to lick and urinate. This is to prevent the smell of feces from attracting other animals. This will protect The dog's own safety and increase the sense of security.

2. Behavioral response

The most common thing is that when the owner sees the dog in the place where he should not urinate, he will pull their head to blame the dog, but the dog feels that the owner is angry when he sees the feces. For a long time, they will think that they will avoid being shackled. The method is to quench the evidence and eat the feces.

3. Physiological response

When there is a problem with digestion and absorption of the dog, there is a lot of protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients in the feces, and the dog with a sensitive nose will eat it as food.

Harm caused by eating feces

1.Health problem

Dogs generally do not have much harm in eating feces, but dogs usually use cockroaches and bites to identify the environment. Therefore, after they have finished faeces, they will bring the bacteria contained in the faeces to other furniture. There is a big problem with human hygiene.

2. Harm the health of dogs

The feces discharged by dogs contain some nutrients, but may also contain intestinal parasites or eggs. If the stools of other dogs may also contain germs, if the dogs eat parasites or sick dogs Feces and dogs are at risk of being infected.

How to stop dogs from eating feces

1.Block all opportunities

Immediately after the dogs have pulled the feces, they will not have the opportunity to eat the feces. If they are unable to control the time, they can wear masks to prevent the dogs from eating the stool, or close them in the cage, so that the bottom space of the cage is larger than Feces so that they do not get stuck in the cage. The use of clean-up bags and clip manure tools makes cleaning easier, and these are available on Petstar's official website.

2. Add bad taste

The owner can add the taste that the dog does not like in the feces, such as chili or very bitter medicine. It is up to the owner to understand the taste that the dog does not like. When the dog is eating feces, he feels disliked for a long time. They will not eat any more stools.

3. Adding digestive aid

If the dog eats stool because of indigestion, the owner can add a small amount of digestive aid to the food to help the dog digest completely, thus preventing the fecal disease, but if it is not effective, it may be caused by medical diseases. It is recommended to bring the dog to the hospital for examination.

We should not neglect some small problems that arise from dogs. We must take care and patience to care for your pets. If you encounter any pet problems, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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