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You have to remember: food that cats can't eat

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You have to remember: food that cats can't eat

Do you involuntarily feed your cute cats with food? But cats are different from humans. They are natural carnivores. Some foods cannot be metabolized and digested. Ingestion will cause harm to cats! Petstar carefully organizes three categories of food cats to ban. You can collect  to avoid making cats greedy!

Cat can't eat---Allergic food


Beef, pork, chicken, duck... and many other meats can cause allergies. Different cats are allergic to different meats. It is recommended that the owner can first test and change the different flavors of feed to avoid allergic ingredients.

Dairy products

Cats are like humans. Some cats can drink milk, and some cats have "lactose intolerance"! The owner can first feed a small amount to see if the cat will diarrhea to confirm whether your cat is suitable for milk.


Seafood is a good source of protein and contains lower levels of saturated fatty acids than pork and beef. In addition, rich DHA, EPA, and fish oil are the key to the flexibility of brain nerve cells. When feeding a cat to eat seafood, pay attention to freshness and be sure to cook. In addition, be sure to pick the fishbone and keep the fish from stabbing the cat!

Corn valley wheat

A small number of hairy babies are allergic to corn, rice or wheat. It is recommended to avoid eating dry feed because dry feed requires starch to help shape. You can make fresh food or avoid allergic cereal ingredients, and itching can be improved!

Cats can't eat --- harmful food

Sugary soda

Because cats don't have a sweet taste, they accidentally drink a lot of sugar, which is not only easy to fangs, but also easier to gain weight. The chances of suffering from diabetes and chronic diseases in the elderly will also increase significantly. Please pay more attention to the owner!

Hot Pot

The hot pot contains too much salt. If the cat drinks a little, the salt intake of the day may exceed the standard, which will cause kidney burden, especially the old cat! The spice in the hot pot is too irritating to the cat with a keen sense of smell. It is easy to cause physical discomfort and even vomiting!

Raw eggs

Raw eggs contain Salmonella, and generally healthy cats have enough ability to cope, but if the cat is young or old, or is in a state of illness, it is not recommended to eat raw eggs, but to be thoroughly cooked and then fed!

Cats can't eat --- deadly food

This class is the highest dangerous level! Never let the cat eat it! Light vomiting and diarrhea, but serious fatal danger!

Onions, garlic, leeks

These foods contain sulfur dioxide, which may cause red blood cells to rupture in the cat. If you eat too much, the cat may have anemia, shortness of breath, and hematuria. Cats are especially sensitive to this type of food - the owner must be careful!


Chocolate is sweet and mellow, but it is a deadly poison for cats! Theobromine in chocolate is a central nervous stimulant that cats cannot digest and have a high chance of causing death! Even eating only a small amount of chocolate can cause chronic poisoning and eventually die of heart failure.


In general, tea contains "caffeine, theophylline", which is a stimulant that stimulates the central nervous system of cats. And the human dose is too irritating to the cat, and may be excited to breathe, palpitations or trembling!


The cat's body cannot metabolize alcohol, so whether it is beer or wine ~ will cause the burden on the cat's body and liver, and even symptoms of poisoning and vomiting.


Recent data have confirmed that grape and grape extract can cause kidney damage and even kidney failure in cats. So the owner does not want to feed, let alone put the grapes on the table, because many cats like the smell of grapes.


Although citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, their taste is too irritating to cats. Excessive consumption may cause cat vomiting and diarrhea.

Consult us for a more detailed list of cat foods that can be eaten and not eaten.If you need any pet product, you can contact us directly. We mainly product pet brush /gloves /comb, dog bowl and pet toys. There is always one for you.

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